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Haleakala Golden Hour & Sunset Bike Tour ~ Guided by Billy Campbell (Group Tour)

Small Group Tour ~ 6 Max ~ Half Day

Quick Details

Biker Age 15+ | Up to 6 guests
Private Tour Age 15+ | Up to 6 guests

If you’re looking for a unique experience, a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, then this is the tour for you!

This is the pinnacle of Sunset Tour Magnificence!

This is an “Exclusive VIP Tour Experience” that you cannot possibly get with any other tour company.

There will not be any other bike tours around.
We will have the volcano to ourselves.

My name is Billy, I am the company owner and I personally guide all of the tours along with one other guide.

You’ll be touring with the most experienced guides possible. Let us to take you up Haleakala during a time of day when you’ll be the only bike tour on the entire volcano. Sleep in, be rested and don’t be inconvenienced by a 10 hour sunrise tour when you can do something way better in half the time. View the sunset as you bike down Haleakala, away from the masses at the crowded summit area.

Free video and pics included with every tour. If you have a GoPro you are more than welcome to mount it on one of our helmets so you can take home some amazing footage of your experience.

Maui Easy Riders is the Sole Bike Tour Business that offers a Sunset Bike Tour. You will not find this service anywhere else on Maui, nor in all of Hawaii.

If the weather is bad we will give you the option to cancel and get a full refund, or reschedule.

Friends don’t let friends go on sunrise tours!
Are you the kind of person that wants to avoid the gimmick tours that draw in the masses? Do you want to avoid the canned tour that herds you around?
Obviously the answer is yes!

So let’s do it! Skip the early wake-up call, skip the crowds, skip the high altitude, skip the cold and skip the sunrise gimmick altogether. Take part in something original, something much safer, easier, more convenient and way more enjoyable than the long, drawn-out sunrise bike tours.

The biking portion of the ride consists of 2 separate rides through timeless Haleakala Ranch. After the 2nd ride is complete we will find the best place to take in a perfect Maui Sunset.

We use custom built bikes that are made specifically for the Haleakala Downhill Bike Ride. The seats are huge, the bikes are super well balanced. The brakes are safe and easy to use.