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  • Private Tour

The Original Haleakala Downhill Bike Tour ~ Guided by Billy Campbell (Private Tour)

Private Tour ~ VIP Experience ~ Only available with Maui Easy Riders

Quick Details

Private Tour Up to 9 bikers

You can save a few bucks and go with another company, or you can hire the safest, most experienced guide on Maui.

The tour begins when you meet us in the town of Paia on the North Shore of Maui. The hippy/surf town of Paia has every modern convenience Maui has to offer.

From Paia we will drive directly up the route we will be coming down on the bicycles. During the drive up you get to see the roadways you will be biking down. We also have some tour anecdote, humor and fun facts about Maui we like to talk about.

Heading up Baldwin avenue, the first paved road on Maui, it is hard to imagine that over 100 years ago more than 10,000 people lived in and around this now desserted area. We pass through a small town by the name of Makawao that has a rich history of Cattle Ranching, then through some beautiful pasture land, and then about 30 minutes later we pass through upcountry area of Kula.

From the residential area of Kula the drive continues into the 29,000 acre Haleakala Ranch. The ranch is completely open for cattle to roam wherever they please. The road is actually a Federal Highway and is paved to perfection with cambered corners that make ride down fun and easy. Altogether the van ride is well under an hour to get the starting point of the actual bike ride.

We will begin our bike ride outside of Haleakala National Park around 6500 feet above Sea Level. We start just above where the other bike tours get started, and we ride the most miles in the business, we are the only bike tour that allows you to ride all the way into the town of Paia. We will make plenty of stops to take pictures.